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About Arista Rehabilitation

We are committed to provide detailed assessment with evidence-informed therapy & clinical reasoning. We believe that every patient is a unique individual and has their own specific needs for healthcare and well-being. Hence, we offer an individual-tailored program that is skillfully planned by experts to help patients recover quickly and return to their pre-injury levels.

At Arista Rehabilitation, we believe in the Iceberg Phenomenon, where a large percentage of a patient’s condition is subclinical, hidden from the view, and goes unnoticed or reported. Hence, we provide rehabilitation therapies that address the root cause of a patient’s injury or condition rather than treating what is just visible in the apparent view.

At Arista Rehabilitation, we follow the below-mentioned strategies and educate patients to address specific barriers to recovery.

Arista Rehabilitation 5 Point Strategy:

  • Listening and Education
  • Release the shortened and overactive structures to improve mobility
  • Realign the faulty posture and correcting biomechanics
  • Restore function with an individual-tailored program and motor relearning strategies
  • The ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy a healthy and better quality of life

Services offered at Arista Rehabilitation


At Arista Rehabilitation, our priority is to provide high-quality care with evidence-informed therapy with clinical reasoning. Our physiotherapists are highly trained individuals who assess and diagnose comprehensively to treat patients for trauma, injury, neurological conditions, disease, and age-related degenerative conditions. We also specialize in our physiotherapy services for Manual Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, and Spine Rehabilitation.Read More.


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