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About Arista Rehabilitation


Receive utmost care through expert rehabilitation services

At Arista Rehabilitation, we are committed to providing detailed assessment to patients through evidence-informed therapy with clinical reasoning.

Every individual is unique and have their own specific needs for healthcare and well-being. Hence, we offer an individual-tailored program that is skillfully planned by experts to help patients recover quickly and return to their pre-injury levels.

At Arista Rehabilitation, we provide rehabilitation therapies based on the below-mentioned strategies and educate patients to address specific barriers to recovery.

Arista Rehabilitation 5 Point Strategy:

  • Listening and Education
  • Release the shortened and overactive structures to improve mobility
  • Realign the faulty posture and correcting biomechanics
  • Restore the function with an individual-tailored program and motor relearning strategies
  • The ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy a healthy and better quality of life

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Physiotherapy Services

Vestibular Rehabilitation

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    Shanu Jadhwani is a registered Physiotherapist in BC. She has completed her post-graduation in Masters of Physiotherapy.

    Shanu Jadhwani



    Meet Shanu Jadhwani

    Shanu Jadhwani is a registered Physiotherapist in BC. She has completed her post-graduation in Masters of Physiotherapy from Manipal University in 2010 and is a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine.

    Her work experience is spread across a variety of services that include Neuro-musculoskeletal and Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation units. Shanu believes in providing each individual a tailored program to help patients to achieve realistic goals through various physiotherapy and pain management techniques along with exercise prescription and education.


    • She has achieved “Learn IMS Certification” and extensively uses her skill for persistent pain management
    • She also has certification in **Vestibular Rehab** from Emory University, Atlanta

    Over the years, Shanu has been continually upgrading her skills to deliver optimal services to her patients. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and explore new places.


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